"Helping You To Plant The Seed For A New Tomorrow"

Our Truth/Video

This work has become my life’s passion and greatest love. To facilitate in this way, to be of service and to be present is unlike anything I could have ever imagined… it has taught me, filled me, and humbled me.
The gift of this work is what I wish to share with you. Click on the image above for a free message I’ve recorded especially for you.

Energetic and Spiritual Facilitation

We are here to evolve and grow spiritually…any and every challange we experience Physically, Emotionally, Spiritually in this life time is an opportunity to do that. The problem is sometimes we get stuck in the stuff of our lives…forgetting the perfection of our soul self. All that we need and more is inside of us!

For The Animal In Your Life

“Working with animals has been an amazing gift that has brought such incredible joy to my heart” C. Fortin

The work I do with each animal is individual and unique to the personality and soul I am working with. […]

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The Waking of LIGHT


Understanding the Earth Experience as a Process to Oneness


The Path of Emergence

The body is the instrument through which the soul expresses itself. We offer voice and physical expression to the soul when we work to attune the instrument to divine vibration.

Infinite and Everlasting

Our soul is infinite and what we nurture, manifest, and focus on from that awareness, fosters a growth that is expansive... limitless and everlasting.

The Soul Knows No Separation of You and Me

The soul knows no separation of you and me, only the oneness of its like partner; the vibration of one that exists in all.

Strengthening our Willpower

Strengthening our Willpower

Perspective and Opportunity

Perspective and Opportunity

Doing is…

Doing is

What Belongs to All

What Belongs to All